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An intensive to be


For the past week students at the Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders(Leaders), have been given a break from their normal curriculum courses and are currently on their last day  of ‘substitute’ classes( intensives). Recently there has been news of a final presentation for each intensive taking place. What form they will take is for the most part unknown. Here is a sample of what one class has been doing for the past week:

Rejuvenation on an educational level at its best.

Rejuvenation on an educational level at its best

Students hard at work for their presentations

Students hard at work for their presentations

Before this class has been visiting colleges within the state of New York and gathering information about how the application process works, now they are seeing what opportunities a full education could give them. Meanwhile others have started to put together their final presentations. Hopefully they will all have put in a great amount of effort to make it so that theirs stand out against the rest!


The 2013 May 5th festival

Gloria porforming in the Cinco de Mayo parade

Gloria performing in the 2013 Cinco de Mayo concert.

The line was incredibly long. Good thing I have a lot of patience! The concert itself was good. Jenny’s dad was kind enough to perform and Glorias show was by far the best – despite the crowds insistence that I couldn’t hear or see her at all.