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My precious little things

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.

Few things can our world never be without,

A sun, who came with a purpose – to never be forgotten;

A moon and stars forming our light when others cannot;

Mountains, towering over our heads to remind us of the promise made – to never go beyond our control;

Water, who in each form it takes can nurse us when needed…

…or give us a fall when we have come to far;

A few settlements here and there to remind us of our company in the world such as ours;

The sunsets and dawns, showing us the hope that has escaped many of others who no longer believe;

Finally come the smiles that have long been our goal.

The purpose we have so long failed to completely provide;

These are the things we can never be without,

What we scourge to protect, to keep and to savor.


Destiny, fate or other aliases

What makes people side with or against them/it?

Is there something I can’t see that constantly causes them to have me hide, run,fall or even glide away? Why do they decide where we end up?

Is it not our own choice what we wish to do, or have they  already decided what we are, where we go, how we see what see!

I always end up running in the end, always hiding… everytime.

We are the ones who chose whether or not we’ll let them guide us, or get there on our own.

Which will you